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Pastor Patrick Stoudamire, Sr 

Pastor Patrick Stoudamire & his wife Tammy have been serving the Lord and working in the ministry for over 30 years. They were married in 1988 and have 5 adult children and many grandchildren. Their passion is to help families grow in their faith as they draw closer to God. Their mission is to lead lost souls to Christ.


Pastor Dave Webster, Sr

Associate Pastor David Webster, Sr. has spent over 20 years in the Ministry field serving many individuals and families work through their everyday trials. He is adamant in directing our outreach programs; year-round Bread Ministry and our Christmas Food Box/Toy Ministry. His wife Linda joined him in pursuing his ministries.  Together, they have 4 adult children, 13 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren. Pastor Dave has since retired due to chronic health issues, but continues to be an active Soldier in God's Army!

Leader of Worship
and "Growing Together" host

Ashley Stoudamire


Childrens Performing
Arts Director

 Laborrah Sims

Youth Leader

Tammy Stoudamire


Children's Leaders

Paula Burleson & Troy Herndon


Benevolence Ministry

Debbie Closson

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